Friday, March 14, 2008

Transport Woes!

Well, Kyle started the story, with flights canceled from Newark to
London, I took a detour to ensure I could still arrive on the planned
date. Arriving in the UK didn't make things much smoother - a 3 train
journey turned into 5 trains, and a bus, and an arrival time 5 hours
later than expected. The good news is I MADE it. After a few days at
the family home, reminding myself how to drive a manual (stick shift)
and drive on the left side of the road, I traveled to visit my sister
Sarah, and meet up with Kyle. Two minutes after I climbed into Sarah's
car for a trip to the pub for dinner, her car died.. Dinner plans were
delayed and we spent a few hours organizing tow trucks etc... Hmm.. I
wonder if anyone else will be pleased to see me now? Later in the week,
I was a little nervous of boarding a ferry to Plymouth - Luckily there
were no issues, so hopefully any jinx is over.

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