Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I fell (a lot)

[Kyle]Once in Cairns, we headed for the one non-negotiable item on my itinerary: Bungee jumping. Maryanne had known for years that once we got to Australia, I would want to go Bungee jumping. Everybody I know who has been bungee jumping (which everybody but America calls bungy jumping) loves it. A.J. Hackett, where it is done in Cairns, almost never sells one jump. People have to be dragged up the stairs with tears streaming down their faces for their first jump. After that, they’re all sprinting up for a second jump. I was the same way. I have tried for years to convince Maryanne that it is worth doing. She’s done lots of adventurous things. On the day, the other jumpers also tried to help but to no avail. When Maryanne doesn’t want to do something, she’s not doing it. Nevertheless, I had a great time and she swears she enjoyed watching me grin from ear to ear all day. By the end of the day, I did ten jumps off the 50m (163’) tower. The falling is always the same, but there are a few different ways to actually begin. Each is different enough that it is possible to get a ‘first time’ adrenaline rush all over again. I jumped forward, backward, had a guy hold me while he leaned me out and then let go. I hung from a bar by my hands and even ran off the roof.

As part of the “jump all you want” Package, I also got a “minjin” swing. This is a big swing where they put you in a hang glider harness, crank you up to 50m and let you go. That was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be before doing it, particularly the part where you go swooping over the rooftop near the bottom.

At about jump #4 or so, a Japanese school group came by to watch. The jump people say they’re usually not allowed to jump, they just come to watch. After my first jump while they were there, they all kept coming up to me and congratulating me and bowing. One group wanted their picture taken next to me. All I did was fall!

Kyle having fun, dangling from a bit of elastic

Afterward, we found a place that does dinner and a beer or glass of wine for $10. It turned out to be a nice, big dinner as well. Good find.


Karen said...

Geez Kyle, those pictures are dizzying! I’ll never understand how anyone would want to taunt the grim reaper by attaching to and ‘dangling from a bit of elastic’ as Maryanne so aptly put it. Now that you’ve successfully gotten that challenge out of your system ;-) I’m very glad, as I’m sure Maryanne, Carla and everyone else is, that you'll be around to continue sharing your wonderful adventures with us.

So what’s next on the agenda – swimming with sharks? ;-)

Happy trails!

kate said...

Hmmm... I'm willing to bet Kyle will never get bungee jumping "out of his system." Wherever he goes, if he knows they have it available and the view is great, he's a-gonna do it. Especially if awestruck school children are there to take his picture afterwards! (Actually, it does look like fun. A little teensy bit insane, mind you - but fun.)

Anonymous said...

All i can say is your definatley MAD Kyle I just hope Maryanne had you well insured if not she should have my heart was in mouth looking at the pictures how can you moan about the price of dinner and then go and the be prepared to throw up after doing all those jumps
It just proves Maryanne is the sensible one mad in some ways but sesible about that stunt.

lots love to you both Mum

Mommy Dearest said...

Oh Gee, thanks for the heart attack. This blog entry came into my inbox with the subject line, I fell (a lot). As I pondered how many bones were broken and how many snakes might have bitten you as you lay in a crevice, unable to move, I saw these pictures. I'm not sure I was relieved all that much. It looks like you had a helluva good time being crazy. I'm wondering why you stopped at ten jumps?
And what, exactly ARE you afraid of? Surely there must be a list. Let's have it, because I, probably among many other readers, am feeling pretty much like a big sissy right now. Sheesh.

Maryanne, I'm with you on this one. Linda did a bungee jump for her 50th birthday, some years ago to the day (her birthday is today) and all I could think is that it's a great way to do some quick chiropractic work on your spine.

So glad you had fun, but I really am needing that list of fears. No fair including being overcharged for something. That does NOT count!