Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Footprint

[Kyle]Merry Christmas, everyone.

We got up this morning to -3°C (27°F) inside, -10°C (14°F) outside. I had this idea of taking a Christmas photo of me standing next to Footprint in the pre-dawn light for posterity’s sake. Some day, we’ll look at that photo and remember just how cold it was that winter in Preston.

Note that I am not wearing shorts because it wasn’t that cold (although the lack of wind helped). I was doing it as a precaution in case I fell in. I didn’t want to wreck any of my warm trousers. It turns out I needn’t have worried about that. Traction was my biggest problem.

Brrr... It looks like the ice stops just beyond where Kyle stands, but it's just an illusion - a difference between once broken up ice and smooth, (relatively) new ice - all is pretty thick right now

[Maryanne]Oh Yes, my husband! I did check before he started this particular plan if he'd got insurance all paid up, and he'd heard of the Darwin awards. I was a little concerned, after all the it seemed quite a miracle that he'd made it home for Christmas at all - I really didn't want to lose him so close to the boat. Thankfully the ice is pretty thick, and he's survived to tell the tale of the Christmas where he could walk around the hull and clean the boat!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and don't venture on anything daft yourselves! Keep warm and happy

Maryanne & Kyle


Mommy Dearest said...

Merry Christmas back to you, Footprint! You are sorely missed in the states. I would certainly be able to scare up a hot tea and coffee for you both. Though you are both crazy, I love you to death. I hope you figure out a way to stay warm and inside (Kyle) for a snuggly, warm Christmas together.

kate said...

this was a GREAT way to commemorate how cold it was - and i do love you guys for coming up with such quality entertainment for your blog readers! (psst! it's ALWAYS worth the risk.) merry christmas and happy new year!!!

Anonymous said...

Get back in the boat before it melts!

The reason for the current freeze:

If you eventually end up back in the tropics, they also have the best hurricane page I've found anywhere online -

with 5 day forecasts and tracks of all the models available.

Stefan said...

Kyle, my wive and I met you at J.D. Davis' house last fall. We enjoyed talking to you. You guys are fantastic with your adventures and that cool live style (not always convenient I am sure). I love it.
Stay warm and have a Safe & Happy Year.

SV-Footprint said...

Hi Stefan, Kyle remembers you well and talks warmly of you guys. "A friend of JD's is a friend of ours". Glad you are enjoying the blog and hope to see you out here some day.