Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fun on the Water

[Kyle]We don’t have much, but we have a boat, so as a thank you to Doug and Catherine we tortured them by taking them out into the open ocean on a sail aboard Begonia.

We beat to weather for a few hours and then turned back for a smooth, downwind ride into Hilo harbor. No one got sick and they even claimed to have a good time. They’re so nice.

We dropped the hook almost in our old spot in Reed’s Bay, and then stayed up late eating and drinking and talking. Doug even brought us some of his award-winning mead to sample. It’s pretty good stuff – so good in fact that I may not have realized how strong it was and had a bit too much. The next morning, I had another first – a mead hangover. It wasn’t terrible, but it’s still not recommended.

{Maryanne: I can't believe we took no pictures, but it is probably for the best since my hangover lasted quite some time!}

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