Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coos Bay

[Maryanne]Coos Bay is an area that Kyle has spent time in on and off for many years. His grandparents and later his father lived there so there were many summer holidays and visits to this spectacularly beautiful area of the world. His father still lives there so we were very glad to have made it with Begonia.

[Kyle]Since I hadn’t seen my dad in a while, we spent most of our time in Coos Bay with him at his house, catching up. We were so busy chatting and hanging out that we totally forgot to take any pictures of me with my dad (or even of him) and that is a terrible shame! He has trouble getting around, so unfortunately he didn’t get to enjoy a tour of the boat. He was kind enough to lend us his car, so we were able to get some fresh groceries and sneak in a couple of quick trips to some of the area’s scenic area, particularly Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and Cape Arago park.

A colorful local character Maryanne bumped into on the docks called Misty Bob very kindly provided our initial ride to Dad’s house. Bob was a weather-beaten commercial fisherman with a boat that looked as old and well used as the harbor itself. He’ll talk your ear off with one hair-raising story after another if you let him (which we did). One of them was his harrowing tale of riding out the 2011 tsunami aboard in Crescent City, California (See Video).

Begonia safe and sound at the local dock, and Misty Bob tells us a story

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

The beautiful and wild Oregon coast

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