Saturday, October 26, 2013

Last Minute Chores and Catching up with Friends

[Maryanne]Kyle and I lived in Portsmouth, VA for almost 5 years before we set off for overseas adventures; we have many friends that we wanted to catch up with, and some favourite haunts we wanted to visit.

Of course friends have their own schedules to keep and some of those favourite haunts have closed down (most likely due to our lack of patronage since 2008). Luckily we did manage to meet up with everyone we hoped to see, although not always as often nor for as long as we liked. We had mail delivered for spare parts and useful objects that we know we’ll not be able to source readily as we travel, and of course there were provisions to purchase, and all the numerous boat chores. I even managed an epic trip to my old (and favourite ever) doctor for a host of just-in-case medications for Begonia. Interspersed we made sure to have plenty of fun.

Mark finishes off the creme brulee with a serious flame thrower - and Liz gets a well deserved break from all her running around on my behalf

We even managed to take a few friends sailing for the day (a miracle that Kyle’s work schedule and the weather actually cooperated). After being at anchor for a couple of weeks, we moved Begonia into the free harbour in Portsmouth to make life a little easier for me while Kyle was away a work.

The dinghy had a lot of outings while we were at anchor, and could finally be stowed once we settled in at Portsmouth High St landing.

We ate in new restaurants (perhaps more than we needed… Oops), and I went to the theatre and the cinema (rare treats).

Thanks to so many friends that caught up with us, but a special thank you to Liz, a wonderful friend that spoiled me with meals and movies, and long trips to grocery stores while I’m sure she had plenty of other things she should be doing! Liz deserves a medal for her many gifts of time and friendship to make my life so much easier - it is REALLY appreciated.

A GIANT shopping trip (thanks Liz), and catching up with sewing (with only a few minor glitches)

We spent our last evening with Kate and Mark (Kyle landed at 6:30pm, and was picked up at the airport) with a few nibbles aboard Begonia and then a few more at a new fancy tapas bar. We are headed south now, and need to eat quite a bit less to balance out an amazing time in Portsmouth and Norfolk. Thank you to all we caught up with.

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Mommy Dearest said...

I know it must be very bittersweet to have to leave AGAIN, now that you have so many connections and fabulous friends in Virginia. Yes, it is time to move on, but it has to come with a tear now and then. Lovely post--I could feel your heart.