Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Maryanne's Last Day (again)

[Kyle]We know we've done this before, but this time, we're pretty sure Maryanne really has left the workforce for good.

For the past few years since quitting her full time job in Norfolk, VA, Maryanne has picked up a job here and there on occasions where we spent an extended period of time in one place. She's done some amazing stuff across lots of different industries, which has given her a very far-reaching and impressive knowledge base. Now she gets to direct all of her powers towards the logistics of the cruising life again. That is such a win for me.

I've been working the whole time while commuting to and from wherever we were, so for the most part, we have been able to coordinate schedules in order to minimize disruption to our time together. Now, her current contract has ended and there really isn't nearly enough time left for us in San Francisco for her to be thinking about getting another. We're both soon to be off to spend years in remote parts of the world where neither of us would even be allowed to work. That's when the real sailing starts.

The work has been challenging and interesting for her, but it hasn't been easy. She has at times done several nearly 70-hour weeks in a row. I just can't thank her enough for the boost her work has given to our finances. It has allowed us to do more refitting than was strictly necessary, which hopefully will give us a few years before we need to revisit many of the largest expenses of boat ownership. It has also increased our confidence level that we will be able to afford to keep cruising for as long as we like provided we're careful about what we spend.

Farewell last lunch at work

& champagne toast and celebration meal after!

So, thanks and congratulations to my favorite Captain, Maryanne. I'm glad to have her back.

{Maryanne: Ahhhh, Kyle is too kind, but YAY. The contract ended a month before the 'ideal' time for us, but, since there is already a backlog of boat jobs and organizing for the summer, I definitely won't be relaxing yet. Oh, and I also can find time to exercise properly (more seriously) again - that Antarctic cruise was a killer on the waistline!}