Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 7 - BVI to Bermuda

Position: 30° 03.020 N, 064° 36.612 W

Weather: Dry, Calm, Fine (squall passed well away from us overnight)

General Comments: Wind died down to almost nothing, and we were traveling at under 1 kt.  along with the clear skies made for a hot day.  Given the Bermuda forecast was for strong headwinds by Thursday, we decided to motor for 12 hours to arrive ahead of that.  Currently sailing with screacher in about 15kts of SSW wind - good progress along our course line.  We saw another couple of boats yesterday, in particular "Last of the Normal People" and Footprint passed each other several times as we each fiddled with sails, I expect we'll see them in Bermuda.  He came astern of us as we were giving up and putting our sails down, he called on the radio to offer any help, we chatted for a bit.  The seas have been flat and comfortable for the last few days (almost like being in a marina) but now the swells coming up and there has been a lot of (gentle) lurching around.  This makes for an extra step when doing the dishes - swearing.  We expect (per forecast) the winds to increase to around 25kt before they shift to the NE - hopefully we'll be able to grab onto them and get a fast ride into Bermuda before the change.  Still married.

Progress: Yesterday we made 106 nm, So far on this trip we have traveled (through the water) 700 nm, and have 140 nm (straight line) to go.

Estimated Arrival: No Change in expected arrival time - 14th.


kate said...

Excellent progress! Happy to know it's going so well. And you'll have beautiful Bermuda at the end of it!

Bob said...

Happy to hear your voyage has been so uneventual. How many fish have you caught Maryanne. You have a good choice out there.
Enjoy the balance of your trip. You will enjoy everything in BDA except the prices and the rain showers every half hour.