Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 8 - BVI to Bermuda

Position: 31° 50.964 N, 064° 37.842 W

Weather: Overcast, drizzly, cooler, Yuk.

General Comments: Yuk.  The weather turned, winds are now from the North (NNE), almost right into where we want to go. We are currently sailing and tacking to make way, about 45 minutes on one tack, and 1.5 hours on the other (Kyle just passed a boat motoring into the waves, he's happy). We've had drizzly showers on and off, again we are very glad of the enclosure, and I poke my head out as little as possible (So I'm especially not enjoying all the tacking). The seas on the long tack are the worst, although only 1m or less it really pounds the boat - water shoots up in the cockpit scuppers and the head sink, it also causes a trampoline effect in the master bed, and throws things off the cabin table. I'm very glad we have retaining strings on all the shelving now otherwise we'd be picking up off the floor constantly. Kyle says since the wind is not with us, so it must be against us, and is considering reporting to the various anti-terrorist units.

Bermuda has a very effective system for sailboats (Bermuda Harbour Radio).  They ask that you pre-register your details before arrival, and that you call in about 30 miles off. We've been hearing lots of boats report their arrival, the officials are helpful with directions and instructions (warning about any moved buoys, or cruise ships to avoid, etc), and it feels like a little air traffic control system for boats. They are calm and friendly with all their questions - we have yet to quite make it to the 30 miles out point but we are looking forward to our turn with Bermuda Radio.

Progress: Yesterday we made 135.48 nm, So far on this trip we have traveled (through the water) 824 nm, and have 33 nm (straight line) to go.

Estimated Arrival: Should be later this afternoon/evening.


Unknown said...

Hi Footprint;

Happy Cat looks forward to welcoming you to Bermuda

JD said...

'It won't be long now!'

(This is also what the monkey said when he got his tail cut off in the lawn mower.)

It sounds like you've had a pretty good trip- Keep safe and enjoy your arrival and brief visit to Bermuda!

Anonymous said...

So far so good - been tracking you daily and weather seems to be what was expected. Keep safe!

Anonymous said...

Your remarks bring back memories of slamming about off Nova Scotia and Cape Breton years ago. Too bad our friend Tony won't be there, you'd get a kick out of him! Have a dark and stormy on us!

Terry and Midge (Kate's uncle and aunt in NC)