Thursday, November 07, 2019

A busy week in Bundaberg - our (Re)Introduction to Australia

[Kyle]We spent a whole week in Bundaberg after arriving in Australia. It is hot and flat and reminded us a little of the Outer Banks on the east coast of the USA. That is, of course, except that everything is different. So it was the Outer Banks with Eucalyptus trees and Kangaroos.

Our first Kangaroos, Dressing up for a party and meeting new friends, and a splendid cultural welcome from the Taribelang Cultural Aboriginal Corporation

We divided our time between boat chores and exploration (The local 'Bundy' Rum distillery offered us 2 for 1 entry - so it definitely got a visit

We did the usual chores in town. It was nice to get to proper stores that actually stocked what we wanted, not just what was available. We bought some new tools and got some of the foods we have been long missing. We got our spinnaker repaired and I replaced out dead wind turbine with a brand-new one.

The local bird life has been enthralling us
What is common and boring to the locals is novel to us

We got out the bikes and had a way-too-long ride down the coast. We also went into town to see the Bundaberg Rum distillery, the Aviation Museum and many of the parks. At the end of our week, there was a big party for the Go West rally participants. I went in my kilt, which is always a good conversation starter. Then they had a raffle and we won a free haulout! Woo, hoo! That’s the next bottom paint job sorted, then.

We joined the guys aboard Mahana' for a trip to Childers "Snakes Downunder Reptile Park & Zoo"
Huge thanks to Nic & Caitlin

Lunch and the Pharmacy Museum in Childers town

We broke out the bikes and took a ride along the coast
via Mon Repos (famed for its turtle nesting)
On the way we stopped in at the local Volunteer Marine Rescue center to see how it's done

In the grounds of the Botanic garden Kyle spent a LOOOONG time with the simulators at the Aviation Museum
& amazingly he had them all to himself

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