Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Life

Kyle ties up the boat at the dinghy dock. The coffee mug is mine; the sun is just up and it's way too early for me to function without help!

[Maryanne]Kyle left for work a couple of days ago and I thought I'd share with you folks his commute plan.

  • Day before he needs to start work
    • leave boat early in Morning and row to shore
    • Walk to airport (this can be several hours in some places, but here it's just 5 minutes from the dinghy dock)
    • Get flight to Puerto Rico
    • Get connecting flight to Newark
    • Take bus to crash pad for night
  • Day of work
    • Take bus to airport from crash pad
    • Turn up for work on time

If only Kyle could manage a train ride in there, he'd have most modes of transport covered (there may even be a train involved once he gets to Newark)!

While Kyle is away this time, I took a Ferry back to Virgin Gorda and met with my new Hero and his family - those that found my purse and managed to track me down to reunite us. I was very happy, and Young Christian, the 10 year old who started the recovery process, really is my Hero.

Since then, I've been getting a cell phone service sorted out, looking for propane refill stations (still looking), laundromats etc. Trellis Bay is quite remote and with few facilities, so I took my bicycle off to explore this afternoon... I almost made it as far as Road Town (The capital) but there were hills involved, and once Road Town was in sight, I could see even more hills.. I figured I'd left it too late for the day to go all the way there and return before dark - so I'll save those extra hills for another day.

An oar broke the other day, and (since the last time) we have spare oars which we've been using. Today I finally got around to fixing the broken one (we already had the spare part aboard - all I had to do was drill out the old connector piece, and install the new one with my trusty rivet tool). The old (now fixed) oars are MUCH BETTER; it has been so windy there really was an incentive to fix the oar since the old oars have much larger blades and are longer - I appreciate the extra leverage with all this wind.

We can only stay in the BVI for a month before we owe Temporary Import duty on the boat (about $200), so Kyle has been busy rescheduling our sailing time to include a couple of passages to the USVI to break up our planned time here. The USVI are really close, so it's no big deal. At the moment, I have no idea where we are going when, so it shall be a nice surprise when Kyle gets home and tells me the final plan.

I'll keep you posted


Anonymous said...

HI Maryanne and Kyle happy anniversary. Paul and Sarah hope you are both doing something nice when Kyle gets back from work to celebrate :)

kate said...
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kate said...

ooh, it's your anniversary? happy anniversary! i too hope you and kyle do something nice to celebrate. hoorah for honest and considerate 10 year-olds! very glad your purse was found and returned by such nice people. and better luck next time biking those hills!