Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sand Dunes

[Kyle]The flies were even worse in the morning, by the time we packed up everything and stowed it all in the car, I was half insane from being pestered by the flies. Maryanne, snickering, was smug in her head net. This of course meant that our first order of business on reaching the nearest town of Geraldton a few hours later was to get me a head net. While there we picked up a few other odds and ends we’d needed and we lazy ate lunch at the beach park. We didn’t do much with the day apart from a short walk at a lookout (Grigson’s lookout) followed by a search for camp. The map in the park at the lookout indicated there was bush camping available at the next turn down the road. There were no signs where we anticipated them, but we’d come to expect that and took the sandy trail about at the right area. The road quickly deteriorated and became a sandy single track road, too narrow to attempt any turn around. We pressed on and found the road ended in a big dune of sand, the shifting dune had covered the road. We did find a side turn with evidence of past campers so we set everything up and had a quick play and explore on the dunes.

One particularly large dune with a gentle slope to windward and a very steep 50’+ drop off leeward. We both couldn’t resist jumping off the crest of the dune (propelled by he wind) and landing far down on the slope below (Like ski jumping). My first landing was a flailing cloud of sand affair. On my second I just skidded to s stop while i sunk to my waist in the soft sand, mid slope. I got down the rest of the way by laying on my side and rolling down; a LOT of fun but filled all my pockets (and other crevasses) with sand. We shook out what sand we could, resigned ourselves to the rest, and spent the evening with dinner and a campfire.

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Mommy Dearest said...

Sand Dune Jumping sounds like fun and made me smile reading of it. No pictures of the head nets? Is this picture your tent? Where's the family room and pantry?