Saturday, January 16, 2010

Visiting the Snow of Quebec

Quebec City

[Maryanne]While much of the USA and UK are suffering from unusual snow and cold levels, we've been in Arizona and enjoying sunny skies and pretty comfortable temperatures. Enough of that, we needed to share the pain, and visit a snowier climate.

[Kyle]When I went to work after our weekend in Sedona, Maryanne joined me for a long layover in Quebec City.

Even though it was around 10°F (About -12°C) when we were there, Québécois were out with us in large numbers for the sunny day. We walked into the old city and marveled at both the beautiful architecture and the long views of the frozen St. Lawrence Seaway. Quebec is a real jewel of a city. It successfully pulls off being both majestic and intimate at the same time. It feels like an old-world European city with its meandering avenues of stone and its tiny shop fronts set between massive cathedrals, grand hotels and government buildings.

We saw people leaving a hotel with cross country skis slung over their shoulders who were headed to a nearby park. Others ice skated around a rink in front of one of the massive gates in the city wall. At another, a lunchtime ice hockey game was being played. We eventually made our way to the toboggan hill, where $2.50 got us each a trip down after dragging the toboggan up to the top. Boy, that was fun! The wind chill on the way down was a bit much for my bare fingers, but it was worth it.

Toboggan Ride - fast and fun (and cold)

Shortly after that, our poor camera decided it was way too cold to work as well, which was pretty good timing as we needed to get back to the hotel anyway for the trip back to the airport.

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kate said...

Wow, what a beautiful city. Do fewer people speak English in Quebec compared to other Canadian provinces? I love that you went tobogganing!