Thursday, April 28, 2011

UK - France - Passage Day 2

Weather: Clear skys and OK (cold at night)

Sailing conditions: Still more downwind sailing, but wind is now very light, so after a good push yesterday morning, we needed to
motor in the afternoon, and are now sailing along about a slow amble. The sea has been almost mirror calm at times - certainly not
something we've ever experienced here before!

General Comments: Kyle spotted a dolphin this morning! (It didn't want to play, but just got on with its own life). We are so
glad the weather is cleared up (the sun shine helps) but we are struggling with the tides which of course are half the time against
us. Maryanne had one short bout of seasickness Wednesday morning, but Kyle has been fine, the weather is really too mild to be an
issue. I think we are also settling into our watch schedule, especially important for Kyle who only landed from the USA the day we
set off!

Progress: Yesterday (Wednesday) we made 102.53nm, So far on this trip we have travelled (through the water) 138.88nm, and have 480nm
(routed line) to go.

Food: Last night we had an Indian (ready meal / package); we were supposed to have it the previous night before heading off (always
good to have spicy food to ward off the seasickness... Oops), but I dropped a box of eggs so we had scrambled eggs on toast
instead... Otherwise we've been doing lots of snacking thanks to Dave's graze (a food supply package from a colleague at work) and a
bag of other goodies; we're unlikely to lose weight on the trip.


Scott said...

What? You aren't staying for the big wedding?

kate said...

hi guys, sorry to hear maryanne had some sea sickness, blech! but now it's past, she can hopefully enjoy the indian food. glad to hear the water's been so calm, and i hope it's not too cool in the evenings for you. take good care & keep on posting!

kate said...

p.s. in case you hadn't heard, it turns out barack obama was born in the united states after all. who knew?

Trotty said...

Glad to hear you have finally broken loose from Preston. Your timing couldn't be better considering (a) the impending nuptials and (b) the glorious weather we are having. Have a great passage!