Saturday, June 23, 2012

North on the ICW - Day 6

[Kyle]Well, my fix worked. The fuel leak is now gone. The starboard engine is now running like a champ, which it did dutifully the whole long day.

Otherwise, nothing of any real interest happened all day. The bulk of the day was spent on the Alligator-Pungo Canal, which is very long, very straight and very boring, with only a nine-degree bend in the middle for entertainment.

I did manage to get the early start I was hoping for the day before, so I was securely anchored just as the day got unbearably hot. It was the perfect excuse for a dip in the pool to cool off.

[Maryanne]Kyle was so far away from anything there was not even a phone signal. Luckily he was able to keep in touch with me using the last of our satellite phone minutes we'd purchased for the off shore passage and weather reports. Technology is amazing eh? He's also terribly frustrated not to be sailing - these are great open waters and he is having to use the motor until we can be sure the Bow Crossbeam is fixed. He's gritting his teeth and bearing it, and kicking himself about it too.


kate said...

Kyle, Mark and I were so pleased to have the chance to meet up with you last night in Portsmouth! A big thank-you to Maryanne for keeping us apprised of your whereabouts. It worked out perfectly, and we were thrilled to tour Begonia and see for ourselves what a truly beautiful boat you now have! Not only is she in excellent shape, we were impressed by all the extra room you now have. Thanks to your perseverance, you found a wonderful new (and big!) catamaran to call home. Well done!

tedmets said...

Don't know if you've followed the Slapdash blog (They bought my gem and sailed it around the world). Anyway they are going up the icw to Annapolis to sell the boat and you are really close to one another. Keep an eye out for them.