Sunday, January 13, 2013

Media Fame

[Maryanne]Recently Kyle and I were contacted to ask if we'd mind speaking about our experience with Hurricane Sandy on a local radio show (Nautical Talk RadioShow on 959 WATD). Since I wasn't aboard during the Hurricane, I passed 'Captain Lou' on to Kyle; you can listen to the results here.
  • Kyle discussing Hurricane Sandy loss on 2012-11-18, Nautical Talk radio show WATD (959) - here. Snippets of the interview were also used on Capt. Lou's 2012 round-up show.

And while I'm documenting such things, you can also hear an older piece for the same radio show -

  • Maryanne Discussing Footprint loss on 2012-05-13, Nautical Talk radio show WATD (959) - here

On a more light-hearted note a fresh link to some of our older favourite videos:-

  • Footprint Naming Ceremony - here
  • Dolphins share an Atlantic off-shore passage - here


kate said...

great interview! kyle sounded very calm as he recited the precautions taken and the preparations made for sandy. and even though i know it was scary riding out the hurricane there at the marina i know kyle's ability to remain calm had a lot to do with the outcome. really amazing photos to accompany the narration, too. i remain extremely grateful that he and begonia came through that violent storm okay. and ohh, footprint... a sad day. but good to remember the wonderful people there in italy who looked after you, and even the insurance company for being so human about it all! love you guys.

Resolute_ZS said...

It took a while, but I just finished reading your blog from start to finish. Your writing has been wonderful and I've loved every post. Your pictures from your journeys were inspiring! Right now I'm just learning about sailing, but I hope to eventually sail much more frequently - and possibly see the world :)

I hope you continue to post about your adventures - your blog has been the highlight of my past month!

Happy sails,
Resolute_ZS (on Sailnet)

Unknown said...

Thanks all

Kate - yes, our Italian friends will be in our hearts forever. We were very lucky to have had such an instant and unexpected support network, and remain forever grateful.

Resolute_ZS - wow... that is a big blog to start from the beginning at! Glad to have you aboard. FYI, both Kyle and I only learnt to sail in our 30's.