Monday, January 28, 2019

Waihinau Bay (Pelorus Sound)

[Kyle]At Waihinau, we were finally able to inflate Maryanne’s new kayak and have a paddle around all of the nooks and crannies of the whole bay. It IS pretty nice to have, although getting into it elegantly is a bit of a challenge (we may need some practice).

Calm, peaceful, remote, fantastic!

We also did the usual fixing stuff, although this time we were unsuccessful. Our electronic wind indicator has been becoming increasingly unreliable. After much testing, I determined the problem was most likely the control head. We ordered a new one, but it didn’t fix the problem. Next, I climbed the mast to have a look at the transducer and found the ground pin to be loose. With help from Maryanne I managed to solder it back into place, which was a tremendously fiddly job. I didn’t think our chances were good, but we had to try something. After I reinstalled it, we still had no wind indication. Maryanne ordered a new transducer. We’ll try that next, when we get it.

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