Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boat Woes Weigh Heavy (but are lightening up)

[Maryanne]Right after sending off the autopilot to be fixed under warranty, we discover we need a new transmission. Yikes! Luckily this too is covered under warranty, AND we are not having our cruising plans disturbed too much with all this equipment out of action.

As you can imagine, my life has been occupied with matters above for the last few days, I have still yet to really be that tourist in Boston I keep imagining. Also the weather has been lousy with heavy thunderstorms daily, so I've been working on a little spring cleaning.

We keep some food in the locker under the sink, there is a hatch from the counter top to get into that locker. Unfortunately spilled and splashed water inevitably leaks into the locker, and food crumbs have a habit of making their way in there too. Every few months I clean it out, discover where the soy sauce went, and bleach it like crazy, but it is not a pretty sight.

Along with the spring clean we are attempting a boat weight loss program. I sorted through some of my clothes and donated them away - especially my old work clothes. I also managed to wear a white t-shirt for most of the engine work and fluid changes recently - failing to understand the obvious attraction of engine oil and grime and white t-shirts - so that can go in the trash now! Finally (and much harder) I've identified books that we can possibly live without - all to help lighten the load.

Much more effective for the boat weight loss program is all the wine I'm drinking that we no longer have to store. :-)

All in all, a pretty dull life for now - the wine helps.

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kate said...

Ah yes, the amazing restorative powers of wine (vodka for me, or tequila... really, any hard alcohol will do). Sounds like you've been super industrious the last few days and that it will soon pay off. I'm anxiously awaiting your Boston tours and the photos/descriptions I know will follow! In the meantime, there are worse things than spring cleaning aboard Footprint: cubicle "life" at Trader springs to mind!