Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a Marina!

[Maryanne]I'm the kind of person who finds it easy to complain and little to be impressed by (especially where service is concerned) - but here we really have to give credit where credit is due. Remember Kyle saying how impressed he was with the Marina Staff at Hewitt's Cove / Hingham Shipyard Marina (see "Twilight Zone" post)? Well last night they impressed me even more.

On Wednesday night the Marina hosted a session by the author of a new book Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands about (I bet you can guess) the Boston Harbor Islands. They provided cheese and wine, and a free copy of the book for all the seasonal residents of the Marina (it was available to purchase for others); anyone with a copy of the book could have it signed by the author (Chris Klein) and all had the opportunity to chat with him and ask questions. They plan to have a regular seminar series for the marina residents and guests, pretty cool.

During the evening I met with one of the proof readers for the book - a fellow Brit Julie Saunders - and I got a copy of the book (since Kyle could not be there) signed by the author who gave me considerable time chatting about the islands and his next project (especially given the queue behind me!). The talk by the author, and the contents of the book have given me a wonderful new understanding of the islands, the book is full or interesting tidbits of information e.g. the lighthouse keeper (Sally Snowman) of The Boston Light was actually married at the lighthouse - she loved it so much - and that was years before she ever got the job!

The Marina owners (Jane and Mark Hirsh) clearly have a passion for the area and the water. They provide resources for local commercial fishermen, and pleasure boaters alike; and love introducing children and adults to the bay (they have even organized for the tall Ship HMS Rose to visit and for local school children to tour the ship once it arrived). With events like the seminar last night, they keep existing boaters aware and interested in the area too. They know very well that actions speak louder than words - CONGRATULATIONS to the Hirsh Family and Hingham Shipyard Marina!

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