Saturday, February 23, 2008


We were on our friend Angie's giant new (to her) boat over dinner Last night and were given a mouthful about the deleterious effect on society that the blog represents. Apparently the blog is an enormous waste of time for the friends of the authors. It was explained to us that blog or no, we still have to go through the same amount of catching up once we call or see each other again. We are still going to tell the whole story including stuff that isn't in the blog so therefore the blog ends up being both redundant and a way to spoil the surprise.

As someone who went into cruising largely because it is a much simpler lifestyle, I can see the point. It is nice to not have the surprise spoiled when you haven't seen someone in a while.

But here's the thing. A lot of people ask what we are up to and it's nice to be able to direct them to one place where everything they want to know is kept and where they can get all caught up. Also, when we're living a life that is a little less pedestrian than the usual " got up in the same house, went to the same job, did the same routine" life, it seems too much like bragging to send people emails saying how much fun and adventure we are having while they're stuck reading it in their cubicle. This way, people can get to it at their own pace and read when it's convenient for them.

As for Angie and the others, we'll just call you from time to time.


kate rodenhouse said...

oh now, you must not be afraid to email people (read: me) about all that you're doing -- including the fun. my jealousy of the exciting places you're visiting will be tempered by the fact that i didn't have to sail a boat across an ocean to get there. ;)

Mommy Carla said...

The blog sure works for me, here alone...all a house that's too big and too empty...slaving away at an endeavor that is mostly drudgery...cooped up...eating peanut butter sandwiches for dinner...ah...I love reading about your exciting travels and adventures. No jealousy here, hehe.