Saturday, March 01, 2008

Last Day

[Maryanne] It finally came, that last day at work. Unfortunately I had a lousy cold, and was feeling pretty miserable. I went in late, left early and took a long lunch. Kyle joined me to celebrate and was amused by the cube world I was leaving, complete with motivational posters. We were treated to a great Indian buffet for Lunch by the guys in my team at work, and we joined (now ex) colleages for drinks after work. I was very subdued, but Kyle was having a great time, and kept reminding me what a special day this was for the pair of us. Kyle joined me in my office for my last half hour, my computer was emptied of any non-work stuff, my phone and email repsonse message set - "Retired, Gone sailing". I'm sure when I recover from this miserable cold I will be able to gloat a little more on that last day - for now, I'm still suffering.
I no longer have a job, I no longer have an ID badge to wear about my neck, I no longer have to worry about how many vacation days remain - I wonder when it will all sink in.
At drinks after work, we had some good friends join us, remind us of memorable events, and treat us to some special thoughts, gifts and cards. Overwhelmed (and ill) on the day - I have since managed to re-read the cards and thoughts and choked up more than a little. Thanks to all for giving us a mini send off.

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