Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Travelling Sans Boat

[Maryanne]It’s a while since we posted so I thought I’d give a little update. No sailing unfortunately; we are (for the winter at least) land lubbers! Well, dock-lubbers maybe? Kyle is getting used to the commute back and forth between the UK and the USA, and I’ve been getting used to Preston, and job hunting. All very dull and not at all worth expanding upon on this blog. Of course we do take some time off from the monotony of life, and I’m just back from a fantastic 10 days in the USA.

We started with a weekend in VA – here I was able to catch up with ex-work colleagues, boating and other friends, and this naturally involved LOTS of sitting out in the sunshine enjoying many a good chat with friends. Angie (our good boating friend) let me spend the day with her, running around planning her upcoming wedding, and Liz (my EMT friend) spoilt me with a trip to Virginia Beach, and a fantastic seafood lunch before a walk on the boardwalk to see the upcoming Neptune festival preparations (including piles of sand for the giant sand castle, or should I say sand-sculpture, building competition).

Sunshine, side walk cafes and friends - a perfect break,
and thanks to Jennifer for the pic of me!

The highlight of this weekend was renting a Cessna, and taking our good friends Kate and Mark for a trip to Ocracoke for lunch (how decadent is THAT!). The weather was stunning, the beaches dramatic with surf rolling in from the distant impact of Igor, and life felt good all around. We even squeezed in a return to Kill Devil Hills – where the Wright brothers first flew. We love this area of North Carolina known to all as the outer banks (or OBX), and have made it the location for two of our anniversary retreats, it was wonderful to return; who knows if we’ll ever get the chance again!

Trip to the Outer Banks - thanks to Kate for one of these pics too!

I left Virginia to join Kyle in Houston. He was scheduled for a “check-ride” and I was hoping to join him in the giant purpose built simulator. The instructor/examiner kindly consented and I was able to experience the action from within the hydraulically controlled box. The screen visuals were really impressive, and the motion completely realistic.. No sick bags were provided, and I was OK but they should maybe think of that for the future, the combined visuals and that motion is VERY realistic (did I say that already?).

Finally both Kyle and I were free and we headed off to Arizona for more sun, a quick dental check up and some leisurely time with Carla, Kyle’s Mom. Weather – amazing, pool – perfect, company – fantastic, teeth – apparently fine.

Work (Kyle at the SIM) and play, lots of play

OK - now back home and back to the job hunt, but enough memories from the last few days to keep me going for a while.... Forecast for Preston - rain!!!!


kate said...

maryanne, i'm so glad you got to experience kyle's check ride in the simulator- very cool! reminds me of what i've been reading in "packing for mars" the book about space travel by mary roach. she interviewed a woman at nasa who conducts experiments (the purpose of which is to make people sick in order to better understand what causes it - yeah) using a rotating chair. think of a chicken on a rotisserie. the only guy who didn't get sick had a "defective vestibular system" (nonfunctioning inner ear)- i've been cracking up reading this book... definitely deals with the less glamorous side of space travel. pool time at carla's looked like fabulous fun (don't you love those foam noodles??) i miss you guys already! and i've got my fingers crossed for your job prospects.

Mommy Dearest said...

It was absolutely wonderful to see you and spend a few days together. You both look fantastic and I'm glad it was warm enough to enjoy the pool. As always, the best part is the conversation, easy laughs and sharing. Thank you again for making this trip and giving me the best excuse for down-time I've had in a while. Loved it all! Good luck with the job hunt. I wish I could send you some more of this sunshine--it's still above 100 regularly here.

Chris Bonney said...

You look at lampposts. I remember the dolphin lamp posts you're talking about in London. I look for clock towers. Every town of any repute used to have one. In the U.S., they were replaced by fire sirens. In some small towns they still turn them on at noon. Did they still fire a cannon at the Naval Shipyard when you were in Portsmouth?

Chris & Karen said...

It's so funny that you were here in Virginia Beach. I've been following your blog for a while and was wondering when you would make another post. Little did I know you were right here in our fair city. I hope you had a great time. I look forward to reading about your future adventures.

Best regards,

Chris in Virginia Beach

SV-Footprint said...

Hi Chris and Karen

We lived for years in P'town, and have many friends in the area, so we pop back whenever we get a chance (not too often, but whenever we can). Kyle still works in the States, so he's already most of the way to VA from Footprint.

Do you guys have a Gemini? thinking of getting one?

SV-Footprint said...

Chris - yes, they still fire the cannons, I think they gave Mark a shock one morning :-)