Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Visit from Mom

[Kyle]Once we were settled in, we had a whirlwind weekend with my Mom. It was only two days, but we did so much.

Statue of Liberty & 'Spirit of the Dance' found in Radio City Music Hall

The night Carla arrived we took a sail down to see the Statue of Liberty and dined aboard. The following day started with a stroll through Bryant Park followed by a carriage ride through Central Park. Once we were done, we strolled around a bit until stopping for lunch at Conservatory Pond, where we nibbled away while watching the nearby RC sailboat races. After the park, we found ourselves blocked in by a parade with a German theme. We walked several blocks, then gave up and took a Pedi cab back across to the other side where we could get a proper cab into midtown.

Horse & Carriage through Central Park, and when our exit was blocked by a giant wienermobile and German-American parade, we dashed back across the park in a Pedi-Cab

Then we got to the point of the whole weekend: Mom had bought us all tickets to The Book of Mormon for Maryanne’s Birthday. I had been looking forward to it even though I usually groan my way through musicals. I wasn’t disappointed. It was wonderful! I absolutely loved every minute of it. I can’t recall the last time I had such a great time at a movie or a show. I’m still singing along and this time, it’s a good thing.

Shopping and learning at Eataly!

Maryanne followed that by booking us all for a cooking lesson at Eataly. Eataly is not so much a store as an indoor complex of Italian stores and restaurants taking up a whole block. Our lesson was in a small corner demonstration kitchen, where we were allowed to eat the four-course meal as well as all of the bread and wine we could handle. It was really interesting to talk to the chefs and see and learn the hows and whys of the preparation. Like wine or whisky tasting, it helps the enjoyment to know which flavors to be looking for.

Day two started with a trip to Rockefeller Center for the fabulous Radio City Music Hall tour. Afterward, we had lunch at Grand Central Station and meandered through Bryant Park on our way to the bus station, where we would board the bus to Elizabeth, firmly bringing us all back down to Earth. We made the best of it, though, by eating yet another wonderful meal at Valenca, which is in my opinion Elizabeth’s only legitimate attraction. That place is amazing.

NYC - what is not to love?

Mom got on a flight the next day back to her busy life. Maryanne and I have been spending the time since slowly moving from our apartment in Elizabeth to the boat and getting happily accustomed to our new surroundings.

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Mommy Dearest said...

Can't tell you what a wonderful time I had seeing you both and having my first introduction to Begonia. It's a beautiful boat and I'm sure she will serve you well for your future journeys. As for now, you have magnificent views and access to the greatest city in the world. Enjoy! Can't wait for a return visit soon.