Thursday, September 26, 2013

On to Solomons

[Kyle]The wind was forecast to be slightly less than our previous spinnaker day. We decided not to bother with the mainsail and just put up the spinnaker. We spent all morning flying down the bay going between nine and twelve knots {forecast was quite a bit lower than actual}. What had been originally planned as an all-day sail was over just after noon.

We had originally planned to anchor at Solomons Island, but we had been contacted by a couple from the area who own the Gemini five hull numbers before Footprint – Larry and Clare, with OFFWEGO. We had since arranged to meet up, so we splashed out and tied up at a dock instead.

Meeting up with fellow Gemini owners Larry and Clare

In spite of the fact that our two boats were built the same winter and we took delivery within days of each other, we had never before met Larry and Clare. They met us at the boat, where we gave them the tour and swapped a few stories before they took us out for a drive around Solomons, and on to a local microbrewery for dinner. When it started to get a little loud, we skipped dessert and headed across the bridge into the next town to Bruster’s Ice Cream instead. Apparently, my love for ice cream had preceded me. I had a cone with not one, but two Oreo-based flavors – coffee and mint. Yummy! Maryanne got a blizzard that was way too big for her to finish. The cup went into the trash empty, though.

Thanks to Larry and Clare for a great evening!

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