Thursday, September 26, 2013

Treating Myself for My Birthday

[Maryanne]So, I’m in Baltimore, and I’m waxing and polishing and fixing and laundering and such…. I decide I need an escape from the obligation of boat chores and visit my favorite mother-in-law Carla in Phoenix. So close to my birthday she spoils me with a trip to the nail salon, I get my hair cut, spend a wonderful evening with Carla in the pool under the stars with wine, and am treated to a fancy meal with good friends at a swanky casino restaurant with the best sunset views around….

Oh! What a nice surprise: a birthday cake at the Talking Stick Restaurant for ME!

I liked celebrating my birthday so much, than when I returned to Baltimore, and boat jobs beckoned, I looked up the train times to DC and spent a day as a tourist there (with tours of Congress, the library of congress, and the spy museum) and also treated myself to lunch and dinner out in the big city! When Kyle asks if I did any chores that day, I can reply, no ‘it is my birthday!’.

The library of congress and the congress building itself - two amazing tours

Kyle promises me he’s organized something for my (rescheduled) birthday when he returns. He won’t even give me a hint as to what it might be, nor how I should dress, nor if it includes being fed. I’m always so amazed that he can keep a secret so well.

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Mommy Dearest said...

It was so much fun to treat you to a few luxuries, Maryanne. You deserve it and I couldn't have had better company.