Sunday, February 09, 2014

Abandoned in The Panama Canal?

Yesterday (Saturday) we transitted the first set of locks of the Panama Canal (Gatun locks) - leaving the Caribbean/Atlantic seas and heading up into the fresh water Gatun Lake. As our advisor left us that evening, we were told to be ready in the morning for a 6:30am start, he even ordered his breakfast.

Bright and early we rose and stepped over our line handlers who had ignored the beautiful berths we had prepared for them and were sleeping outside in the fresh breeze. 6:30 came, and went, as did 9am, and now 11am. Clearly that has been a change of plan but we are not privy to it, we are just waiting for someone to appear and advise us - hopefully we will go through today.

In the mean time we celebrate the birthday of Eric, one of our line handlers and swim to cool off in the lake (the assure us the fresh water crocodiles are NOT interested in us).

Anyone attempting to follow along - we are told that with our Panama canal number, our progress can be followed. I'm sure a google search will give you more information. I have no internet except through our SSB right now, hence this brief post - if anyone notices it, please can you add this information to my Facebook page so others can follow?

Panama canal Ship Identification Number is 3013869 (Google away and you should be able to to find out where we are located and if we eventually move)

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Mommy Dearest said...

Not getting anything at all with Google except directed to this post. I hope you've sorted out the problem by now.