Monday, October 16, 2017


[Kyle]The island of Limu - Now there's a nice easy name.

We sailed to Limu Island, which managed to take up only two vague lines in one of our guides. It was a good distance for a day sail and I was trying to avoid sailing too far to leeward for fear of having to make it up by bashing upwind later. Limu was the most upwind place I could find.

Limu was great. We had the place all to ourselves for two whole days. We had to anchor a long way from the island due to its extensive fringing reefs. That gave us a long and beautiful swim through great gardens of coral to get to the beach. When we got there, we circumnavigated the island via the white sand beach, collecting more coconuts along the way and enjoying the views. It seems that we never tire of looking at palm trees swaying over turquoise water.

Exploring Limu

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