Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hen and Chicken Islands

[Kyle]After Urquhart, we sailed to Islas Pollo y Pollo, or Hen and Chicken in English. We tucked up into a little bay between islands and dropped our anchor onto a bottom of rounded stones.

On the sail across we spotted several of the Little Blue Pengiuns and had a 'fly-by' of Dolphins

I know this because the water visibility is great here. Also, because the alarming noises the chain was making afterwards made me want to go take a better look. I decided if the kids around here could do it, so could I and I went for a swim.

Yeeeoooow! That water is cold! Still, I persisted and was rewarded with not only a better understanding of the state of our ground tackle, but also views of waving seaweed and giant schools of curious bright blue tuna-like fish, who kept following me around almost as if they thought I was going to feed them. I dove to the bottom a couple of times to look at one thing or another and discovered the “warm” water is back at the surface. Enough of that!

It isn't permitted to land, but we could still explore the coast from the dinghy and meet the locals

Maryanne wasn’t listening to any of my recommendations about the swimming and instead opted for the “Rocks and Birds” tour by dinghy. We poked around a few inlets and sea caves before the building wind drove us back to the comfort of Begonia’s cabin for a warm meal. Even with the door shut, we could hear the birds calling out to each other as they roosted for the night. It’s so nice here.

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