Saturday, July 19, 2008

She's got a way of putting things

[Kyle] At work the other day, I turned on my phone after a flight and Maryanne had left me a message. It was mostly the usual stuff: "Good morning, darling. I hope your flight went well. I'm up now, so if you want, you can call me." She then gave a brief rundown of her plans for the day and a couple of news items. Then, just as she as finishing up, she said "oh, I can't remember. Why don't you like tie-dye?"

Well, that was weird. I can't remember ever telling her I don't like tie-dye. If my high school didn't think organized sports were so fascist, we almost certainly would have had tie-dye uniforms.

I called her back. "You must be thinking of somebody else, dear. I like tie-dye."

"Oh, that's good." came her response, "'cause that's what your sheets look like now...and a couple of your shirts."

Ooh, I walked right into that one! It turns out she didn't get the lid on the bleach bottle fully tightened before throwing it into the laundry bag for transport. This is how she tells me.

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Mommy Dearest said...

Now you can make a soccer uniform with your tie-dyed clothes!