Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goodbye to Bangor and Northern Ireland

[Kyle]I was pretty exhausted after the red-eye back to Belfast. I got home to Footprint and had a wee nap before Maryanne dragged me out to one of the local parks for some fun. This was on the condition that we would stop for a takeaway pizza at one of the places in town that does a pretty good job of it, on the evidence that there’s always a line out the door while neighboring establishments go empty.

On a whim as we left the marina, we decided to get on one of the carnival rides that we could hear causing a lot of screaming from the boat. It was a cross between a spinny tea-cup ride and a roller coaster – lots of fun even if in the back of my mind was flashing "dodgy ride set up from a truck".

Fun fairs and parks

The actual park we went to following that was nice enough, as parks go, with tended gardens and ponds filled with ducks, but the big surprise was all of the birds. There were several large aviaries with grouse, peacocks and chickens and, my favorite, one large one filled with little Australian parrot varieties. They had lots of budgerigars and cockatiels, a few Indian Ringnecks and even a couple of Rainbow Lorikeets. I could have stayed for hours sitting on a bench enjoying their adorable parrotiness, but it was threatening to rain and we needed more sleep for our Midnight departure to the Isle of Man, so we picked up our pizza and headed back.

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Mommy Dearest said...

Dodgy, rickety rides aside, I'll bet you had a lot more fun with the parrots than in the roller coaster!