Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Farewell to New York (and New Jersey)

The snow has finally left, and Spring has arrived - time to move on

[Maryanne]It’s been some time since we wrote, but we are finally just a few days away from sailing off again. Over the last few months we’ve been busy between visiting, entertaining, having fun, and preparing Begonia for the next chapter of our life.

We did manage to escape to Arizona, to visit with Kyle’s mom, and for some very much-appreciated sunshine. While we were away there was a pretty serious fire at the marina and 3 boats were destroyed to the water line; thankfully nobody was injured, but two families were left homeless. We were grateful not to be around, and the first we heard of it was a call to assure us that Begonia was safe and unharmed.

Spring preparations

We treated Begonia to a new bimini top and enclosure (actually two enclosures, one of clear window isinglass, and one of bug screen). And new anchor and chain, and a whole host of new things that I'm sure kept the local economy happy.

Anniversary fun in the Snow

In March Kyle and I celebrated our 10th Wedding anniversary, with a trip into the Catskills for some fun in the snow, we were lucky enough to catch the last of the snow and went snow shoeing, and cross country skiing through some great scenery, and each day return to our cabin for relaxation with open fire, hot tub and wine.

So nice to be able to entertain with friends

Since the new year, we’ve also had visitors to Begonia. Angie & Nannette, Annie & Emily (from the UK), and Kate & Mark (from Virginia). Thanks so much to all who came.

We’ve kept up with making the most of this amazing location, and attended NECSS (a Skeptical & Science Conference) in NY, and yet more amazing astronomy lectures hosted by the Amateur Astronomy Association at the Museum of Natural History.

With all the new stuff aboard, and with it being sooooo looong since we’ve sailed, once things finally defrosted we took Begonia for a shake down sail, up the Hudson river to Ossining (where the famous Sing Sing prison was our anchorage view). The sail was a success and no stowaways were found in the morning.

New York seems mostly (at least on the surface) recovered from Sandy, but some subway stations continue to undergo major repairs, and the Statue of Liberty and its associated islands are still not expected to open until the 4th July.

We’re very much looking forward to sailing off, and being nomadic again, but we will leave Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club with mixed emotions. We’ve definitely loved and will miss New York, and we’ve made some very good friends here in the marina – especially Andy and Robin aboard Sotito, who have entertained us throughout the winter and kept smiles on our faces, wine in our glasses, and assisted with many grocery store trips with their cute baby blue T-bird.

Andy And Robin, and the T-Bird!

Departure – early Saturday morning (to catch the tides), and we’ll be headed off up the Long Island Sound to make Boston within the week. Two very excited sailors!


Mommy Dearest said...

Safe sailing and I know you will feel rusty at the helm for about 3 minutes--then it will feel like you were never grounded. So happy to know you are back on the water and know I and many others will be eagerly awaiting your next posts.

Anonymous said...

Happy adventures on your next stage!

Karen said...

Bon Voyage! I'm excited for you both and looking forward to reading about your next round of adventures.

Happy sails!


Unknown said...

Hi Maryanne only just found your blog again after a very long time. Been nice tonight catching up on your wonderful adventures. Will book mark your blog now then can keep up with your travels. Janet (from the gym a long time ago) xx

SV-Footprint said...

Hi Janet - glad to have you aboard. I trust your forays to the gym are more frequent than mine?