Saturday, October 01, 2016

Leaving Oakland

[Kyle]About fifteen minutes after our hatch seals finished curing, we woke up and started our last morning in Oakland.

I had us up early, because I really wanted to have time for the checklist and brunch at the Oakland Grill before we left. On the way there, we were walking by one of the other catamarans in the marina when the owners, Alex and Michelle, invited us aboard their boat for pancakes.

We had been unsuccessfully trying to cross paths for a while. Now we were hours from leaving. It seemed a shame to decline. They hadn't actually started cooking yet, so once they learned of our plans, we came up with the compromise plan of going to the Oakland Grill together as a farewell meal.

We had a great time swapping sailing stories. They had spent quite a bit of time in Mexico, so we were able to pick their brains on what to expect there as well. We left when we finally realized people were lining up outside waiting for our table.

Cruising again.... Leaving Jack London Square headed into the Bay!

Back at Begonia, we untied the lines and bid farewell to our berth in Jack London Square, where we had been for just over two years. We did one last Bay cruise to get a good look at the city before anchoring in Raritan Bay by Sausalito, where we had a view of the San Francisco skyline, as well as the Bay and Golden Gate bridges.

After a swing by San Francisco, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge - we settled at anchor off Tiburon with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge as the sun set - and waited out the weather before heading south

We spent a couple of days at anchor getting caught up on some much needed sleep, the blog, and doing a few more minor boat chores. There were a couple that signaled that we weren't just anchored out for the weekend: We stowed the fenders and dock lines DEEP in one of the sail lockers and then I went around polishing out all of the rub marks they left behind. We would be living at anchor most of the time now and wouldn't be needing them. We were cruisers again.

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