Sunday, February 19, 2017

Back in Santa Rosalia

[Kyle]We booked two nights in the marina, but since we’d already spent a week in the town, this time was unfortunately set aside primarily for chores and other commitments!

Primarily we had internet needs: We needed to connect with the UK via hook up with Skype for a family celebration, and we also prepared and filed our USA taxes before the April deadline (organized!).

And the chores: laundry, top up diesel, clean boat, (Kyle climbed mast with a hose to finally get rid of the dust from the last time we were here), showers (cold), quick grocery run for some fresh produce, etc..

During this visit to Santa Rosalia, the other boats at the marina were (surprisingly) predominantly multi-hulls, this seemed unexpected and comical to everyone there.

A short return visit to Santa Rosalia - primarily for internet

And the weather was NICE this time too, and we had some spare time to enjoy it too. Kyle finally got to walk on the harbor wall (previously it had been closed all but the first day, due to rough seas).

After so enjoying the ospreys in the northern bay – we surprised ourselves to find a pair living within the marina (on a very sturdy, apparently purpose built perch) – not sure how we missed those last time we were here (or maybe the birds hadn’t arrived by then? – hopefully we are not that poor observers).

To balance all the chores, we ate out more than usual while we were here; we partook of street burritos, fancy restaurants and the Chinese we’d enjoyed on our previous visit (which was generous enough to be sure to have leftovers.

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kate rodenhouse said...

I know it felt good to get those chores completed! AND to compensate for your labors by eating out more often! Sounds like you had good experiences with the restaurants all 'round. I love ospreys, too - we're lucky enough to have quite a lot of them in Virginia Beach, along the Lynnhaven River and in First Landing Park. They build their nests atop the channel markers, and we often see babies in there during boating days.