Sunday, February 19, 2017

South from Ensenada el Alacrán (Scorpion Cove) to Santa Rosalia

[Kyle]An early start (3:34 am) for a long passage – we arrived at 02:44 am the next morning and had some pretty big winds and seas (following) on the passage, regularly seeing 10kts through the water and occasionally 12kts

Early start and mixed weather for this passage

During the passage we also had rain – which gave us a pretty bright double rainbow, and later in the night there was occasional (very distant) lightning flashes to keep us alert.

The route took us via the Canal Salsipuedes (translates to ‘Leave if you can’ channel!) – famed for its strong currents. The strong winds are locally called elefante.

More (mostly distant) whales on this passage – looked like blue whales and humpbacks.

More whale sightings - notoriously hard (for us) to photograph

The strong winds had us arriving in Santa Rosalia so early – we decide to just anchor for the night and rest/recover before moving the boat to the marina later in the day (this also saved us a day of marina fee).

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kate rodenhouse said...

Those sunset pictures are spectacular!