Sunday, February 19, 2017

Heading south – to Ensenada el Alacrán (Scorpion Cove)

[Kyle]A not too early start, for an easy sail during which there were lots of whales sighted – but all some distance away – we mostly notice them first by the roar of the spout as they first surface. Generally they seem to be solo whales, they spout a few times and then disappear again.

Leaving Bahia de los Angeles and heading South on a beautiful day

On this passage we had our first ever visit from killer whales (orcas) – a group of 6-8 came to the boat and then soon left us again – WOW! At first, when I heard them spout behind us, I thought they were dolphins. Then I got a better look and those were some BIG dolphins!

Yet again, the expected wind didn’t arrive, so even on this short sail we motored for the last 2 hours to be sure to get there by sunset.

Maryanne occupied her time by making a second (much bigger) batch of Guacamole with provisions from Bahia de los Angeles – YUMMY lunch

Ensenada el Alacrán (Scorpion Cove) is well named since scorpions apparently abound there. Our guidebook told us to also expect yurts, and they were correct. When we arrived, the yurts seemed empty and we wondered if it was off season – but soon after, a panga full or wetsuit attired tourists arrived along with a couple of kayakers – as they landed ashore they each moved along to their respective yurts to clean up for dinner. We are not sure how they avoid the scorpions.. but we didn’t have to worry about them as we didn’t go ashore.

Anchoring by the Yurts!

The yurts are the accommodation of an eco-tourism camp/resort – pretty basic living (although they did have a generator)

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kate rodenhouse said...

Envious of your orca sighting! They are so beautiful. (I have seen them in the wild just once, in Alaska - will never forget!) I don't know how those folks are avoiding the scorpions, either. Do you think there are fewer than advertised? I'd be completely paranoid, shaking out my shoes 24/7 and moving veeeeery slowly through the yurt, obsessively checking everywhere. But what do you do at night when you're sleeping?? Gives me the shudders. Cute yurts, though.