Thursday, December 04, 2008

Falmouth Harbour

[Maryanne]English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour are so close, there is only a 1/4 mile walk between them. Falmouth Harbour is home to the Yacht Club and Mega Yachts; and since the Charter Boat show starts here this week there are plenty of pretty impressive boats and hard working crews about. I go to Falmouth Harbour for filling propane, the book swap, and basic groceries. Last night they were holding a start of the season hospitality event, where all the stores of the Marina there stayed open late and offered free nibbles and alcohol. Now normally once it is dark it is very close to my bed time, so I knew I would not stay long - but free food AND alcohol - I had to go.

I still find it almost impossible to befriend anyone here, and being on my own made it a little uncomfortable (the alcohol helped!). Anyway, I was grateful, for the music and spirit of the event.

On route to the event, I passed this a mobile bank; I've never seen one of these before - How's that for recycling those old London red buses?

Poor Kyle is busy working, but had managed to take a day to be fussed over by his Mom, so I wasn't too guilty about having fun without him.

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