Monday, December 01, 2008

Forgive me!

[Maryanne]Several weeks ago someone emailed me and offered to put me in touch with a friend in Antigua. I should have replied at the time but we were distracted wtih boat stuff.. NOW I'm digging back in the archives and I've lost the email, and although I can't take up the offer, I at least wanted to say THANK YOU. Since I lost the email I can't reply - but please don't think I was ungrateful - it was a wonderfully kind offer. If you see this please email me again so I can at least be reminded who proposed such a wonderful opportunity.

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Mommy Dearest said...

Just wanted to say Hello and let you know I caught up on your posts--even read the long one about equipment. It's all reassuring to one of your "watchers." I'm getting ready for a visit from Kyle this evening and will be so very glad to have him for the little time he has managed to spare in sunny Arizona. Take time from the chores to enjoy the beautiful area, Maryanne, and I'll send him home safe and sound, if a bit high on sugar and starch. You know how that goes.... Much Love