Thursday, January 01, 2009

Quiet and Peacful for New Year

[Maryanne]I've never been much of a party goer and much prefer small groups to huge crowds. This year had Kyle busy at work in the USA for both Christmas and New Year, while I stayed on in Antigua. I was quite insular (anti-social) and spent most of my time pampering to my own needs: reading, watching DVDs, and eventually moved on to some chores that I've been meaning to do (sewing projects for the most part).

I know that sounds terribly dull, what can I say? I can be very dull sometimes; but I still have a huge smile on my face and life is good. I did what I wanted with my time over Christmas and New Year. Of course I would have rather Kyle and I could share the holidays, but with his job this is often just not feasible, and we both understand that; it makes the time we do get together all the more precious.

Christmas holds less and less value as I get older, but New year is always a good time to reflect on the year passed, and the year to come. 2008 was a good year for Kyle and Me; I finally got to retire, and we began our full time cruising lifestyle which we had worked and planned so hard for. 2009 should (fingers crossed) see us travel more in the Caribbean, and hopefully over to Europe on Footprint, and if all goes well we'll also take a few side trips (without Footprint) to Africa, the USA and Australia - so NOTHING to complain about here. We are two happy, smug sailors.

I hope you each got to do what you wanted over the holidays - Happy 2009 to you all.

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kate said...

happy new year, maryanne! sounds like you made the most of your alone time - and i quite agree with you about christmas, anyhow. glad you pampered yourself with good books and DVD's. we hope to see kyle this weekend as he continues making his way south back to you. perhaps another vegetarian lasagna is in his future :)