Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Study of Contrasts

[Kyle]It Looks like Maryanne has dusted off her Marine Biology degree.

Well, unlike my lovely wife, I am experiencing the full brunt of Winter in the northeast U.S. We're currently in the middle of a pretty big Winter storm. I am in Cleveland, Ohio at the moment, where it is cold and gray and gloomy and it has been snowing sideways all day. This morning I was in Manchester, New Hampshire and from my hotel room, I watched a guy spend half an hour scraping and chipping away at the snow and ice on his car so he could leave, his steamy breath being carried away by the wind. A snowplow was going back and forth trying to clear a path for the cars fishtailing their way out of the lot.

I tried to go for a run today and even though I was bundled up for it, the sidewalks hadn't been cleared and the roads were too icy to even stand on. I eventually resorted to the hotel treadmill - a tremendously more boring option.

I've got all of the photos of Maryanne and my adventures cycling through the screen saver on my laptop and that keeps me going until it's time to go home for a day. I realize that even though I am gone for long periods of time (so I can bunch up my days off), I'm lucky that I'm not commuting somewhere like Detroit.


Karen said...

Poor Kyle! I bet you can't wait to be back on island time - for way more reasons than one!

If it's any consolation, those of us here in Virginia can empathize with you about the weather -- although I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to say we're definitely glad we're not as far north and under as poor conditions as you are. ;-(

But hang in there... the weekend is just around the corner! Have fun with Kate and Mark, safe flights back to the islands and a wonderful reunion with your wife!

Mommy Dearest said...

I can feel you both tugging at the chains to reunite, even for a brief interlude. I'm so pleased you will be able to get home, Kyle, and know Maryanne has missed you. It's good to know you have a warm paradise to retreat to and the day when you can retire will come. Eventually. Spent the weekend visiting with Cori and our weather is warm(er) than what you've been dealing with, so no complaints from sunny Arizona. Love to you both and safe travels.

JD said...

I'm sure the transition from 'island life' to 'working life' every couple of weeks is difficult and annoying. The only thing worse is 'working life' without the ability to transition to 'island life'. It IS a comfort to know that there are good people in nice places enjoying themselves! All the best!