Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farewell to Trellis Bay (for me)

Kyle out getting pictures of Trellis Bay, and the surrounding trails

[Kyle]On my last trip home, I only had one day. Maryanne and I took a relatively easy day hanging around Trellis Bay. In the morning, Maryanne took me out running on a route that included most of the trails on Beef Island. Afterward, we tramped all over the island and through the village taking pictures. Exhausted and hungry, we then had veggie rotis from the market and then had intended to go back to Footprint, but then we got sidetracked.

Another dinghy at the dinghy dock had been swamped and sank after one of its buoyancy compartments had flooded. We took it upon ourselves to bail it out and then drag it up on the beach to drain the compartment. The whole thing took us maybe two hours. I guess we were feeling industrious after our rotis.

Back at Footprint, we got to spend the evening watching charter boats run aground behind us on the shoal. We'd wave and yell and then people would acknowledge us and run aground without changing course. A lot of people seem to think that if they just pass close behind us, they will get through. They don't seem to notice that even we have our rudders up so there's no chance for their keel. One group in a dinghy even thanked us, saying the guy at the helm wouldn't listen to them. Then they ran aground. Better than television.

[Maryanne]We never really intended to stay in Trellis Bay, but apart from our sojourns when Kyle is home, we've made it home for Footprint. We got the tip from a fellow cruiser we met in Anguilla, and we are really happy we followed through. It is such a peaceful place to just hang out.

Since we know we won't be here much longer, and this trip home of Kyle's was so short, we decided just to hang out in the Bay. Without being in the least bit competitive (yeah, right!), we took a camera each and got photos of some our our favorite places - all within walking distance of the dinghy dock. Naturally I won, but I have put at least one of Kyle's shots in the photos below (But all the good ones are mine :-), gees, I'm such a good sport.

Trellis Bay photo shoot - A taste of this peaceful bay


Karen said...

Maryanne and Kyle, your pictures are excellent! They're wonderful enhancements to the already great descriptions and detailed stories of your sailing and island adventures. For someone who will probably never make it to these places, I feel like I can almost say, "I've been there!" after reading all the posts and looking at all the pictures on your blog.

I wish you both continued success, much love and luck on your next voyage north, and as always, happy sails!

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