Saturday, April 04, 2009

Footprint's Post #200

[Maryanne]OK, this is post #200 of our blog - congratulations all of you who have managed to keep up so far. And welcome aboard any new readers.

Given it's a milestone blog, I thought I'd recap on our adventures to date, and share with you our little tastes of fame (our 15 minutes) as well.

  • Dolphins in the Atlantic, how to make a great sailing day PERFECT - View
  • November 2008 - Our longest passage to date (1800nm) from Morehead City (NC) to English Harbour, Antigua. Not to mention surviving and recovering from our detached fore stay incident. Why do all sailing disasters have to happen at night?
  • Spring/Summer '08 - Cruise around NE USA (RI, Maine, and Massachusetts) - beautiful.
  • Boston Islands July/Aug '08 - what a treasure.
  • Maryanne has to "escape" a hurricane on her own and pass through New York's Hell Gate against the current (it was either that or in the dark) - Yikes. Glad to report no incidents there.
  • Winter '08/09 - Caribbean Cruise... So many highlights, too difficult to choose, just glad to be there.
  • Naming Footprint Ceremony - I'm amazed to see we have had over 6000 views of our video.. It seems people like to hear me swear! View here. We really have managed to have lots of Love, Laughter and Adventure aboard Footprint - exactly what we asked for in that naming ceremony.
  • Radio Show - Back in July 2008 Ron Huber read one of our blog entries on Penobscot Bay on his community radio show "Penobscot Bay Report".
  • Footprint in Practical Sailor Magazine - TWICE in 2009. I reported great service we'd received from Defender and they published this letter (I think in February '09), they also asked for a photo of Footprint which I assumed they'd use with the letter, but they published that in the March Issue.

We're really enjoying our Gemini, and along the way we've managed to deliberately meet up (or sometimes just bump into) fellow Gemini owners. It's been great to share, and in so many cases put faces to names from the Gemini Yahoo group. Thanks everyone along the way for all the help and support.


JD said...

Congratulations on post #200! You have an excellent blog- great stories, photos, laughs and the occasional life drama that keeps things interesting. This of course provides a welcome distraction from life in the 'cubicle farm'.

kate said...

Bravo, Maryanne! What a year you and Kyle have had! I feel fortunate to count you as our good friends and to read your wonderful blog posts. Now... I think I will revisit that video of Footprint's "christening" - I too love to hear you swear.

Karen said...

Congratulations Maryanne & Kyle! I always look forward to reading your stories - even the 'ordinary' ones. (And the virtual sailor in me lives on vicariously through them. ;-) )

Had no idea about your being published in the Practical Sailor. Searching their website to find your picture proved unsuccessful though. However all the shots of Footprint on your blog certainly make up for that. :-)

Continued Happy Sails!