Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whirlwind visits afar!

Kyle and Maryanne enjoy a side trip to Disney's Magic Kingdom

[Maryanne]Having Footprint back in the water, with some semblance of order returned, and Kyle back to work, it was time for me too to leave the boat and return to the USA for a quick side trip. A visit to friends in Virginia involved the usual wine, good food and plenty of laughter; thanks to all that made me so welcome. The main purpose of the visit though was to meet up with my brother Russell and his family and in-laws in Disney World. I’d been twice before, but I was to meet up with “Uncle Kyle” and it was his first trip there. Disney’s magic Kingdom was all you would expect, parades, sights and activities to keep you in awe, and all organized with miraculous logistics achieved from years of fine tuning. There were crowds and bustle everywhere (we’d arrived during Spring Break, one of the busiest times of the year) but we still managed to spend most of the day smiling.

Russ and Clare help Alfie at his first Baseball diamond

In addition to Disney we spent time at the baseball fields with our Nephew Alfie, lounging in the house’s private pool and chatting with Russell’s in laws; it was a wonderful break from our normal lives, but soon Kyle had to return to work, and I left Florida with him, to set off for Manchester to visit with my best friend Annie and her family – before finally Kyle and I were to meet back at Footprint, and start our sailing for 2010. Annie and I shared a good dose of spring, and watched lambing season in full flow at a nearby visitor friendly farm.

P.S. Kyle and I left the USA safely, but all the others that shared the Disney house are currently stuck in the USA, unable to get a flight back to England due to the volcanic eruptions in Iceland spewing engine damaging ash into their flight path.. Earliest chance of their return home is currently 23rd April - over a week later than planned.

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Mommy Dearest said...

Maryanne, you with your best Stephen Colbert point at Disney World! So sorry to hear Russell and family can't get back home. The ash flow sounds like a terrible situation that will make flights between here and there (and from there to there as well) very difficult for a long time. I just hope people in the US are friendly and welcoming to their family while they are here. So good to see you BACK!