Thursday, September 15, 2011

Off to Kimolos

[Kyle]Oh, finally, a short one!

We stayed long enough in Karavostasis on Folegandros to watch the morning programs. The guy who strung his line across the fishing fleet in Sikonos showed up, tried to block everybody in and ended up dragging his anchor all over the harbor. The “Water Boat” came in and kicked off everybody who was moored stern to the mole so it could lie alongside. The boat served as a mobile desalination plant that came in periodically comes in to refill the island’s reserves. We watched a few ferries come and go and then it was time to leave ourselves.

The sailing was pretty uneventful. We tacked back and forth for a while in light headwinds until we got past the chora, then we had to start the engine to make sure we would get to our anchorage by dark. Along the way we passed by many magnificent rocky anchorages that I was dying to live in for a day. Instead, I decided to opt for the more boring sandy beach (with good holding and protection) on the South side of Kimilos. The beach itself was a long pebbly affair, the entire thing offered great holding and protection against the forecast Multemi winds. There was already one boat anchored on one end, so we gave him his privacy and anchored towards the other end of the long beach. The beach would easy allow for four or five boats in-between each with full privacy.

Once we’d settled and dinner was served in the cockpit at sunset two more boats arrived. Rather than spread out as expected they both converged on Footprint and anchored inexplicably just outside of our turning circle. So much for privacy. One boat was a Dutch ketch occupied by a couple a little older than us (Bataver), the other a charter boat with four young guys (party boat). Oh well, I thought, we’ll just pretend it is a small crowded anchorage, I’m not moving. We continued to enjoy our dinner and wine when the Dutch couple decided to bathe – naked, right in full view of us. Soaping every nook and cranny it was hard to avert our eyes as they were in our direct line of sight. Maryanne and I enjoy dinner theatre, but we didn’t know we’d stumbled into the red light district. What an end to our last Cycladic island anchorage.

Views from our anchorage - the island across the channel in the top picture is Milos, where the famous Venus di Milo found by a farmer in rubble he was using to build a wall

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Mommy Dearest said...

A short one! Kyle, did you do that for me? I love reading your blog. Don't get me wrong--I love them all. It's just the short ones (when you can find them) are easier to tuck into a busy day.

All I can say about this one is
How Rude of the Dutch. How utterly rude! During dinner. Please!