Thursday, July 03, 2014

Pok’ai Bay

[Kyle]After leaving Ala Wai, we anchored for one last night off busy Waikiki Beach before leaving Honolulu and sailing to the west coast of O’ahu, passing Pearl Harbor along the way.

We had less wind than expected, so we had a slowish trip along our route, which took us fairly far out in order to avoid Pearl Harbor’s many restricted areas. We were in no hurry so it was a stress free sail, with even a little competition along the way. We didn’t get back to within sightseeing range until we passed Barbers Point on the southwestern corner of the island.

The western side of O’ahu is rugged and arid. I called the Anterim Coast of Northern Ireland Green Arizona. This place is somewhere between the two. The steep hills are green, but not necessarily lush.

In the lee of O’ahu, the wind started acting crazy, adding a couple of extra hours to our day’s sail before we were finally able to anchor in Pok’ai Bay off the village of Wai’anae. The bustle of Honolulu and Waikiki Beach had given way to a much more sedate village life.

We arrived at the start of an outrigger canoe race, and did our best to keep out of their way

Maryanne: After the crazy rush of yard work, sightseeing, cleaning, and provisioning in Honolulu, we are finally able to spend some time again at rest; with nothing more than a little swimming and reading to occupy our days (and I'm sure Kyle will want to to tinker with the engine at least once to justify it all).

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