Monday, July 03, 2017

Tahiti: Port Phaeton

[Kyle]Mattheiu (of Fakarava’s Pakakota Yacht Services) said Port Phaeton rains 362 days a year, which explains why the contingent of derelict boats were all covered in green.

Port Phaeton - drinks with a view, and (among chores) an explore about the isthmus between Tahiti Iti and Tahiti Nui

We arrived the evening before Opposite Day, when the wind blew from the north, so we had nice hot dry weather. We lowered the dinghy and took a tour of the anchorage before landing at the marina. We walked a short way down the road to a restaurant we had seen on the water and had a coffee and a cocktail for the price of an expensive dinner. After that, I was ready to call it a day but Maryanne convinced me to keep going with the argument that we were already halfway between the dinghy and Carrefour, her favorite French GigantoMart.

We managed to get away with only a light load on the condition that we could return the next day to clean them out.

In the morning, we walked over the saddle to Taravao to see the ocean on the other side of Tahiti. I know. We were really just wandering around the town, but the ocean is right there, so we had to do it.

Coming back home, Maryanne suggested we take a longer route so we could see some new stuff. There wasn't much. It was Sunday, so everything was closed. Even Ace Hardware was closed - on July 4th weekend!

We finally made it back to Carrefour just in time to be shooed out the door. They were closing! Poor Maryanne had such a defeated look on her face as we walked home.


Mommy Carla said...

And I'm certain dear Maryanne managed to get back to the GigsntoMart for supplies. If not for her nesting behavior, you, my dear Kyle, might dry up and blow away in the winds. Beautiful pictures!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow tahiti, the famous island from Mutiny on the bounty.
Loving your up dates and shared happiness with us all..xx
Off to see Wils sports day soon.come on the greens!!(Terri house colour)
I just told G where you are l can t repeat his comment. Let's just say he's a green eyed monster. Ha ha.He should have worked harder at school. Have to settled for languedoc s France. A 10 hour drive in his (lovely l might add) merchant,hybrid air conditioned company car.Just can't please some people aye.

Deborah Brown said...

That should read Terril house.

Deborah Brown said...

Oops and Mercedes!