Friday, July 10, 2020

Night Island

[Kyle]Night Island was a short, jib-only sail toward the continent. Just before arriving, we had a pair of dolphins join us for the last few miles.

Sailing North again

The wind was really picking up again. It was into the high twenties. We were glad to finally round the corner into the lee of the land where the sea was flat. The island is mostly surrounded by mangroves, with one small beach. We dropped our anchor there on an extension of its sand.

It blew and rained hard most of the time we were anchored there. That, and reports that the mangroves were full of lurking crocodiles, kept us aboard for a day of enforced rest. Resting lasted until early afternoon, when we both started getting itchy feet.

We dropped the dinghy and headed for the beach. It did not take long to realize that I, (the one rowing) was not able to make headway against the wind and current. Okay, so back to the boat. That counts as exercise, right?

{Maryanne: We could have put the engine on the dinghy, but I guess we just were more ready to give up than to go to such an (slight) effort - thankfully we have plenty to keep us busy aboard.}

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