Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Elizabeth City

[Maryanne]Elizabeth City is well known on the ICW for its great welcome for boaters. The ladies generally receive a rose, and there are always local volunteers at the docks to help with ANYTHING the boaters may need. The volunteers are known as the Rose Buddies, they are a welcome sight. For us, Elizabeth City was a sensible stop on-route to spend the night, and also to meet up with our Marina Buddy Ron.

Just like the folks from Elizabeth City, Ron also spoiled us, he treated us to dinner, gave us a fond farewell, AND a bottle of N.Carolina wine to enjoy once we reach further south.

Imagine my surprise when we approached the Elizabeth City docks, expecting Ron to be around, and possibly waiting on us, to hear someone else shout out "Maryanne". It was a fellow Gemini - Ray on Whisper (Hull #697). He spotted Footprint coming in and called out. Obviously we swung by and said hi to Ray, and his fellow crew, also Ray. But it was a short visit on our way to dinner.

There was a third Gemini at Elizabeth city town docks, but when we passed by we were not able to see anyone aboard.

Elizabeth City Sunrise

Early Morning at Elizabeth City Waterfront

We left early the next morning (but were certainly NOT the first to leave).

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