Monday, October 06, 2008

Plans going well...

[Maryanne]Yay! We are back in the water; our courtesy flags have arrived; guidebooks are aboard. Things are moving well towards to our leaving for the Caribbean. We still have other things to do (recover the sails from the local sail maker who is giving them a final check over, passport for Kyle, etc). My list as always seems to grow faster than I can cross things off, but for the most part they are trivial things easily solved, or not essential. We are feeling comfortable that we will be ready to go.

Of course, being back "home" we have been catching up with old friends at every opportunity. While Kyle was at work this weekend, I went up to Richmond to hang out with JD, Dale and their adorable daughter Lilly, we went to the local child friendly farm to pick out a pumpkin to decorate for Halloween. It was a fun setup: a corn maze (why don't they call it a maize maze, or even an a-Maize-ing Maze?); pig races; and among many other things cute bunnies to feed. Oh and the goats you can see in the background of the pumpkin field in the picture (very aloof).

So after a glorious weekend of down time and great company - I'm back to the lists.. Doh!

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