Friday, October 10, 2008

Work and Play continue.

[Maryanne]OK, so I took the weekend off! Kyle came home, and we put on our sails (back from the sail maker with a clean bill of health) and went sailing - well, Kyle deserved some time off too. We went to a place called Deep Creek, off the James River. It is a fun place for us to take Footprint, as we could never get there (too shallow) in our previous boat. It's home port to a host of local watermen. The work boats are typical of the area, and are known as the Deadrise; they ensured we got up and off on the morning tide!

Now I'm making up for too much time off to play. I have a bunch of boat jobs and very few days left to complete everything, and a calendar that has hardly any gaps now. Today I met up with Peter Y., a friend of ours that we met through sailing, and while we have been away he has finished building his own mini tug boat! He offered the use of his amazing workshop. Now that is the kind of offer this lady can't resist: Every power tool imaginable, all setup and ready to go; a luxury we'll never have on our boat. He helped make a few jobs that I was overwhelmed with into a pleasant couple of hours. Thanks Peter!


Mommy Dearest said...

It should be about time for you to once again depart Portsmouth for points south. And on to the Carribean. Would you please post your expected date of departure and be sure to have a safe and wonderful sail!

Hey Everyone: Get out the Vote for Obama!

SV-Footprint said...

Hi Carla. As you can see, we've departed Portsmouth, but it will be a few days yet before we Depart the USA. We've updated our on-line Float plan, and will update it again with the details before we leave.

Kyle and I have both Voted, let's hope it counts in AZ!