Monday, October 20, 2008

Saying Farewell To Friends

[Maryanne]WOW! What a last week or so in Norfolk. Our friend Peter Y helped complete the fiberglass work for the emergency steering, before he himself had to rush off to take part in the 2008 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race (From Baltimore to Portsmouth) - we were very grateful for his time, and that of his wife Sara for opening the workshop to allow us to pick up and finish off the dried project..

JD and Kyle at the Helm of Rimfaxe

We then took a 4 day trip to Richmond to visit with JD and family - and we set aside two days while there to sail with JD on his beautiful Morris 40 on the Rappahannock River. The weather did not cooperate for our original plan to sail the light-weight spinnaker (or even the heavier one) but we still had one day of great sailing, laughed plenty, and met new friends on the water. Rob (a South African) handled the BBQ (or Braai as the South Africans call it) Great memories!

Finally we managed to swing by and visit with Kate and Mark for our last Evening in the area. Kate cooked us a wonderful dinner, and we enjoyed hearing about their recent trip to Martha's Vineyard, and simply hanging out with good friends.

We ATE really well all weekend, each day we felt fuller than we ever had before. I'm kind of glad that we are going to be stuck on a boat for a few weeks, so I can attempt to cut down on the food intake (no complaints to the cooks though - it was GREAT food).

It's been strange saying goodbye to everyone (again) but this time not knowing when we may see everyone. We are determined to make sure we do return, and spend time with our friends here, but for now at least, we can't put a date or timeline to anything. Still, plenty of time to diet!


Mommy Dearest said...

Whew. I am SO relieved to hear someone else has taken over the responsibility of overfeeding you and that I am no longer #1 in that category!

kate said...

Mark and I are so glad we had one last visit with you two before you headed south and to parts far beyond. We'll miss you lots, but we're eager for you to continue sharing with us via this great blog the places you'll visit, the people you'll meet, and of course, all the fascinating and in-depth details of sailing that we can't get enough of (Whaddya mean? I typed that with a straight face!). Seriously, you make us feel we're there with you, and it's wonderful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What Gemini year and make is this boat? Thanks

SV-Footprint said...

Hi "Anonymous" Our Gemini is a 105Mc, a 2007 model, Hull # 976.